Monday, March 14, 2011

Current Maine Lobster Price - Retail / Wholesale Shipped Anywhere

The Maine Lobster market is a fairly predictable market to understand based on the trends of the past and now the trends of the future . Probably the most signifagant news in todays Maine lobster market is the legislation has now made it legal for lobster distributors and processors to actually sell a whole lobster claw as an individual item . Why this was not simply a matter of commen sense in the past simply bewilders me. As current market conditions go its no surprise of the new shell lobster commenly known as a shedder is approximatly $2.00 less per lb then the hard shell. I am not sure how much sense this really makes sinse about every 100lbs of new shell lobsters a fishermen brings in about 4% of them are hard . During winter and spring months basically all Maine Lobsters caught will be of hard shell quality but the percent of lobstermen actually going out to these deeper waters to catch them is much lower than Summer and Fall . Getting down to the niddy gridy of things . For new shell lobsters the buyers pay anywhere between $3.75lb to $4.15lb. For hard shell live lobster buyers pay from $4.50 to $6.00lb. Wholesale costs need to be makerked up a minimum of 0.25 by a broker for any money to be made . On order of under 25lbs a Doller alb mark up should be made for commision sales. These prices get quoted as if bought directly from a lobsterman. You can havve Maine lobster delivered direct from the coast of Maine as soon as tommrow . visit . Shipping prices will differ from state to state . We list basic market prices for everything and can do a 2 day shipment . In most cases online prices are inflated to as much as 30$lb due to the high cost of air freight. With gas prices unstable and always on the rise this can only mean higher shipping costs and more expensive lobster prices .


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